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Thaï yoga

Aero Yoga / Thaï yoga

Thaï yoga

Holistic massage technique which frees the body and mind.

It draws on various traditional yoga postures. I adapt to the body of each. This massage is designed to release blocked energy lines considered as the source of disease.

We proceed in full mobilization of the body (muscles and joints)

Thai yoga massage helps to reactivate blood circulation, giving more flexibility to the entire body, a deep sense of relaxation.

Recommended for psycho-physical unit. It restores tone and energy.


Shiatsu is a massage from Japan that releases stress points by acupressure. These pressures are made essentially with thumbs along meridians that run through the whole body.

Effective in removing tensions related to:

Sporting activity

Professional activity: heavy use of computer ( trapezius, shoulder blades, neck)

Emotional trauma: Moving, wedding, divorce, mourning, birth, …Holistic massage technique which frees the body and mind.