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AeroYoga - What are the benefits?

It allows you to “drop the ropes” and let go by the action of weightlessness (antigravity) on the body that leads to the release of muscle and mental tension.

It improves posture.

It helps stretching of the spine, psoas muscles and abdomen.

It improves overall mobility, eases the tension of the trapezius and neck.

It allows reaching relaxation of the diaphragm and to breathe more deeply.

Action positive sur les systèmes digestif, circulatoire, lymphatique, nerveux, endocrinien.

How is AeroYoga practiced?

In an individual session; it is a duet between you breathing, allowing to be manipulated, listening to your body, following the instructions, and me lifting you.

AeroYoga is practiced through “letting go”, self-confidence and deep breathing. It teaches us to relax more.

It is a meditative exploration of oneself. Just let go and follow the instructions to move from one position to another.

You can feel your body insights. Time is limited to the present time. Space becomes infinite.

Duration of the massage?

AeroYoga in 60 minutes or 90 minutes?

60 minutes for less stressed people and those who are used to it. The time is divided into a 30 minutes massage on the ground to prepare the body and 25 minutes AeroYoga, plus 5 minutes or more to recover, on the ground.

90 minutes if your tiredness and stress are more acute. 60 minutes of massage and 25 minutes AeroYoga, plus 5 minutes or more to recover, on the ground.

Ideal age, weight, flexibility?

For younger children and youth, AeroYoga becomes an acrobat’s game to mimic safely Spiderman or a sleeping bat. It is the child who decides the positions he wants to explore.

From 13/14 years to 99 years if you are in a good health condition, you can meditate by movement in weightlessness.

I can lift up to 80 kilos, depending on your ability to relax.

More than flexibility, it is the ability to “let go” and deep relaxation that allow performing all the positions of AeroYoga.

AeroYoga, Uncomfortable?

The body enjoys so much the benefits of anti-gravity through inversion therapy that it quickly adapts to the slight increase in blood pressure in the head.



Massage, how often?

Listen to your body; it is smarter than you are. It knows what you need. If you feel tired, suffer from muscle tension that will not go away, do not wait for extreme fatigue or burnout to settle in before you book your massage.


Hypertension; circulatory problems; retinal detachment; glaucoma; hernia.