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Aero Yoga / Aeroyoga

What is AeroYoga?

AeroYoga is a form of massage. It is a practice of yoga with aerial postures through inversion. It is based on the force of gravity to create a sense of weightlessness. This technique causes muscular and mental relaxation. It allows letting go. This Yoga discipline is open to anyone in good health. It helps to relieve musculoskeletal toubles, related to occupational or sport activity. It relaxes muscle spasms.

AeroYoga helps maintaining good health, reduces stress and anxiety. Improves concentration and mental state. Promotes emotional stability, patience and trust.

AeroYoga opens the perception of life from a different angle. It is a moment of weightlessness, allowing to explore the present moment, disconnected from all the old patterns in which one feels trapped.

The origins of AeroYoga

The extract of this film from 1938 shows that aerial yoga has its origins in India. Rediscovered and exported to the West, it has no spiritual dimension, as the yoga as practiced in the West, and is practiced as a sport under the trade labels, among others, of Acroyoga, Acrosage or inversion therapy.

AeroYoga benefits

AeroYoga is an experience that leads to undergo a mental and physical calm. AeroYoga helps to achieve serenity and immerses you in the present moment. It brings vitality to the body and calms the mind. AeroYoga stimulates and influences all 4 systems: cardiovascular, lymphatic, nervous and endocrine systems.

AeroYoga stretches muscles, spine, pelvis, legs, abdomen, neck and trapezius. It reduces muscle stress, improves mobility.

AeroYoga helps to have a correct posture and encourages deep breathing. AeroYoga leads to the release of corsets, armours, shields and other barriers, and we can finally go to meet our being.

AeroYoga technics

AeroYoga is a moving meditation that is practiced in duo.

No need to be a yogi. Just be present, breathe. The feeling of antigravity allows letting go. Gravity does its job in the body effortless, depending on body weight. Experience the feeling of your column expanding naturally. Each aerial posture is inspired by a yoga posture and has a specific action on the body. Deep breathing, massaging the intestines, stretching the spine, muscles, back, lumbar vertebras, trapezius muscles, and encourage a better body posture.

The session lasts an hour; it begins with a relaxing massage on the floor for 25 minutes and continues in the air. Elevated and cradled, as floating, eyes closed, disconnected from all the usual references, just think about being there. This is letting go. You experience a loss of senses of time and space, and explore your inner world in weightlessness.

Receive, Breathe, Inspire, Blow, Listen, Relax, Enjoy.

AeroYoga for who?

  • You are tired, stressed, anxious?
  • You suffer from tendonitis?
  • You have muscle contractions?
  • Musculoskeletal pain due to sport or professional intense activity?
  • You need a massage that helps you to letting go?

Here you are in good hands.

AeroYoga is accessible to anyone who is in good health.

People with cardiovascular disease, retinal detachment, glaucoma, hernia, should not practice AeroYoga.